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We, on our side, have condensed as much information as possible to satisfy you and let you know our beautiful business, through our federal organization.

Our site is part of our external communication policy: now the whole world can see us. It will also facilitate internal liaison by improving the level of information between our members. Practical information about our activities will find additional support, reactive, multimedia, in short more effective.

Our federation, which has existed since 1978, is an essential partner for ministerial cabinets to develop and affirm the presence of provincial taxis.

The positions taken by its leaders and their determination shed new light on the profession of taxi driver. go to thai sq for the best thai food in South Kensington

Formerly a single federal structure in Paris gave the pulse of the taxis of France. . . Now, with the FFTP, there is not a single opinion, but two, and when necessary the leaders of the FFTP know how to say. . . NO, where the interests of taxis colleagues are not taken into account.
The President Michel GEAY

NEW. . . . Since 1 January 2006, a partnership agreement has enabled us to offer a points recovery course to our members for a single sum of 70 €! For a maximum internship cost of € 230. (The average cost of internship is 230 to 260 €). For repayment terms, please contact the federation.

This contract also allows the reimbursement of the costs of obtaining a driving license once the prefectural decision to order the restitution of the driving license comes after the signature of the contract and up to a ceiling of € 460. For repayment terms, please contact the federation.

This contract also allows the reimbursement, at one time, of the transport costs incurred by the driver, up to € 100, in the event of the immobilisation of a vehicle prescribed by the police following a offense. For repayment terms, please contact the federation.

We can beat any taxi in

Protection of the word taxi: 18 proceedings instituted by the federation since 2000 and 18 convictions of companies or companies, with damages.

The 2006 federal card has arrived for our members up to date of their subscription.

by LOT and Garonne
Two illegal riders, set up by three health insurance funds and two local taxi unions, block access to the transport of patients seated on new taxis and limit the choice of the carrier to the sick.
Read the article by clicking on the tab LOT and Garonne in ” News “.

Taxi drivers, to avoid being “ripped off” go to our alert to the scam scam by clicking the tab ” News”.

These public tenders, listed on the website of the Official Gazette of the Government, relate to taxis, buses, ambulances, VSLs, parcel, pleat and blood transports.
You can access the consultation of these public contracts by clicking on the tab ” News “.

TAXI DRIVER Guildford :
Do not forget the date of validity of your professional card, and that of your medical examination.
Do not forget the technical visit of your taxi.


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